Reach your goals faster
while making a difference to others

When you develop your network you evolve your life.

Use these 10 simple steps to an effective network and move towards your dreams   

Networking might seem hard and uncomfortable – but it doesn’t have to be!

Take control over your own personal development once and for all with Susie Lynge’s book “Network Now! 10 simple steps to an effective network”

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The book has already successfully helped 5,000 people to become better networkers and reach their goals –  private and professionally.

The author Susie Lynge on networking:

Networking is not about hidden agendas or owing each other favors…. Nor do you have to be a certain type to succeed….

Networking is quite the opposite, it’s about being strong together, rather than standing alone. If you are curious, open and brave, we can help each other, to achieve whatever we desire.

About the author

Networking Expert Susie Lynge is the founder of Netværks Akademiet, teacher and business coach. She has trained more than 20,000 leaders and employees in from leading Danish companies.

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What’s in the book?

The book contains profesional input, cases, examples, not to mention: Plenty of exercises to guide you safely through each and every step.

Breakdown of the 10 steps:

STEP 1: Your personality is the key

Don’t change your personality – you have to know it, use it, and be brave enough to show who you are. Step 1 teaches you to use and show your own personality when networking.

STEP 2: Know your network value – What do you have to offer?

We all have plenty to offer through our personality, knowledge, excperience and network, but most of us are not aware. Step 2 teaches you to discover your network value.

STEP 3: Set clear goal and share them

You might already have goals for you life. Both professional and private. Where it really makes a difference is when you involve your network in said goals, and receive their help. You will learn that in step 3.

STEP 4: Map your network

To engage your network, you need to realise who is in it. There are many ways of doing that. In step 4 you will learn to map your network.

STEP 5: Ask the right questions

Which questions can you ask a stranger to break the ice? Good questions are crucial when networking. With step 5 you will learn to ask the right questions.

STEP 6: Be a bridge builder – share your contacts

Your network value is partly the sum of all people you know. A skilled networker knows how to build bridges between their contacts and create win-win situations. You learn more about the in step 6.

STEP 7: Be brave – overcome your networking limitations 

One of the biggest networking barriers is doubt and insecurity. Step 7 will give you the right tools to work with you bravery and your comfort zone.

STEP 8: Strengthen your network using social medias

LinkedIn has more 575 million profiles worldwide. Most are passive, though. Where you really excel is when you create dialog. Step 8 will teach you hove to nurture and develop your network through LinkedIn.

STEP 9: Tips to expand or cultivate your network

All relationships tend to fade if you are not attentive of nurture them. By doing small networking initiatives, you keep your networking relationships warm and spread happiness and add value. You will learn more about that in chapter 9.

STEP 10: Your personal network action plan

Step 10 is where it gets serious. Here you will learn how to make a personal network action plan and set specific times for your activities. With that done, all you have to do is act on it, become better and reach your goals.

Ready for the next level?

Network now! 10 simple steps to an effective network is designed for you, who wants to strive professionally and personally by expanding and building even stronger relations to your existing networking.

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